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Composer, Pianist, Drummer, Teacher

JIM AVAKIAN began his musical journey at the age of 9, studying classical piano and drums. He attended Berklee School of Music, furthering his musical education at UCLA.  His accomplishments as a musician include classical and jazz piano, synthesizer, drums and percussion, guitar, bass, and vocals, with an emphasis on keyboards and drums.

As music composer & sound designer for “The Production House” in Rhode Island,  Jim expanded his horizons writing jingles as well as composing and producing music for local film & TV projects.

His passion in music took him throughout the country playing in top R&B and rock bands as a multi-keyboardist and drummer, as well as working in the studio producing and composing his own original work. Jim's musical expertise encompasses a multitude of styles and textures with orchestral, ethnic, contemporary and electronic elements.    His skills as a producer / engineer rounds out his value and versatility in the studio, covering all aspects of pre and post production.   His sound is refreshingly spiritual and unique, and evokes a profound sense of timelessness and poignancy.

Recently, Jim worked on a major release "The Exorcism of Emily Rose," as music producer and synthesizer programmer for composer Christopher Young.

His creations for film, television, as well as animation, come to life at his digital studio located in Venice, California.